Who is it for and how might it help?

People seek counselling and psychotherapy for many different reasons. They may have suffered long term difficulties with depression, relationships, feelings of low self-worth and low self esteem. Others may have experienced abuse,emotional, physical or sexual.Some may not know how they feel, but rather experience the pain of not feeling  "right". They may have a general feeling of dissatisfaction which they cannot explain. 

Others may have developed behaviours which are causing difficulty in their life. They may eat for comfort and nurture, or avoid food. Some have overwhelming anxiety which may be making their life hard.

Counselling is generally thought to be a supportive, short-term 'talking' therapy, whilst psychotherapy is perceived as longer-term and offering deeper exploration of thoughts and feelings.Both offer a confidential, boundaried and secure relationship between client and therapist. The 50 minute session is a space where a client's reasons for seeking therapy can be explored and where new understanding of the difficulties they are experiencing can emerge.