Individual Therapy

An initial consultation session may last up to 90 minutes and will give you a chance to discuss your reasons for coming to therapy and what your hopes of therapy are. Occasionally more than one consultation session may be required.

Should you wish, individual therapy sessions can be arranged after this consultation, and the likely duration of therapy discussed. Each therapy session lasts 50 minutes and every attempt will be made to keep sessions to a regular day and time. Clients usually attend weekly though this is negotiable.

Occasionally a Psychodynamic way of working may not be appropriate. I will make every attempt to redirect you appropriately should this be the case.


I do not charge during my holidays and breaks. During client holidays the session is kept vacant and is therefore charged . Clients are charged for missed sessions.


Initial consultation  £50

Individual therapy session £50


Payment is by cheque, BACS transfer or cash, weekly or monthly in advance.